XarTM - Xaraya Translation Memory

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About XarTM

This program can import Xaraya locale files to a database and allows editing the translations. By exporting the results you can create a Xaraya language pack.


The automatic and custom search also helps keeping your usage of terms standard through the whole project. With often used strings all you have to do is clicking Next, picking the previous translation by a click, and then click Save+Next button again, no finding, no typing.

This is not an official Xaraya project, despite the domain name. This project has no cooperation with the official Translations module, yet. The original Xaraya "Translations" module is required, xartm does not implement its required "Genearate skels" feature. The "Translation status" page of the original module is also useful to see how you proceed with the work.

It may be useful for non-Xaraya projects too, but you will need to implement a project specific import and export classes. Such contributions are more than welcome, It is possible to further standardize the import/export class interfaces for more possibilites!


The programming was done by Ferenc 'Lion/Kempelen' Veres.

I must mention László Daczi who created a similar tool for the HOWTO translator team, and explained a lot of things to me about that program. He provided his program's database table design and so on, which was very helpful. Maybe I will get his sentence compare routine sometime, which would make XarTM search even better!

The color diff routine was written by Cacycle, Wikipedia Administrator and is licensed as public domain. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Cacycle/diff . Thanks for this great tool, it makes XarTM program very well usable!

Feel free to contact me on my website: http://lion.xaraya.hu.

Table of contents